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Review - BenQ EW2775ZH

The main draw of the BenQ EW2775ZH is its nearly bezel-free sides and top. Not only does it look remarkably stunning, but it fools you into thinking the screen is bigger than it actually is. Not that there’s anything small about the 27" AMVA LED to begin with.

Review - Olympus LS-P1

While you can record audio snippets with your smartphone, the available functionality is limited, to say the least. For more serious work when capturing sound bytes and whole performances, like concerts and presentations, a dedicated tool, such as the Olympus LS-P1, would be a more suitable instrument.

Review - Asus Reco Classic Car Camera

For numerous reasons, not least idiots who create accidents to scam insurance companies, having each journey recorded is a good idea especially if you spend much of your working day driving.

Review - BenQ TH670s Home Entertainment Projector

Having a projector in your home is quite a normal occurrence these days. Many people have decided to do away with large, spacehogging TVs in favour of far larger but much more convenient projected images.