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    Brad Wilson’s portrait sessions with captive animals are as unpredictable as the subjects. After securing permission to photograph an animal, Wilson rents a studio or sound stage near the zoo or sanctuary where the animal resides, pays trainers to accompany the animal, and then gives the animal free reign.

  • Animal Eyes

    Animal eyes reflect light differently than human eyes. The breed and species of an animal, the angle of the eye itself, and how convex (spherical) the eye actually is are all elements that determine where the catchlights in the eye fall relative to where the light sources are placed.

  • Hasraf Dulull

    You’d never know Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull works on a pretty tight budget from the films he puts out. You’d never know he managed to win a feature-film deal from Hollywood studios from a project he funded totally by himself. Why? Because of the tricks HaZ uses – the creative solutions he manages to conjure up when he imposes these limits on himself. Some people would call that foolish, but if you look at the success this young Londoner has established for himself, you can’t help but admire him.

  • Blender connects to the Cloud

    The Blender Cloud has been a major part of the Blender Institute’s service for a good few years now, having been initially set up so artists could collaborate on ‘Project Gooseberry’ – the open-source endeavour that would eventually become the animated series of shorts, ‘Cosmos Laundromat’. This was a fantastic proof of concept for Blender’s cloud-based capabilities, and in April 2016, ‘Cosmos Laundromat’ was even shortlisted for a ‘Webby’ (think of them as the Oscars of the web world!)

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